Dear traders,

BitZ has launched the “Project Evaluation Center” to review the project's overall strength from the trader perspective and market perspective on the project progress, safety control, application landing, transactions, and community activity. The aim is to establish a complete project file, disclose the project's progress and information, provide more transparent trading environment, and publicize the trader's support for each projects.

Evaluation Process

I. Evaluation Application.

1. Project team actively submits the evaluation application.

2. Community traders can also submit the evaluation application.

II. Evaluation Arrangement

Project Evaluation Center will arrange project evaluate according to the specific situation.

1. Project Evaluation Center evaluate.

2. The project team submits the evaluation report.

3. The community volunteers submit the evaluation report.

To protect the rights of applicants and reviewers, the Project Evaluation Center will keep all information about the participating members confidential.

III. Evaluate and analysis

The reviewer will verify the project review data and provide objective analysis on the basis of a certain understanding of the project to ensure the results of the review:

1. Real and effective.

2. It is well documented.

3. No subjective color.

4. Does not have the nature of induced investment.

IV. Result display

The Project Evaluation Center conducts project review from project details, token details, transaction information, project reports, etc. The trader selects “?” or “?” to generate the trader scores, and finally produces a project's overall strength (Overall Strength = Trader Score + Market Score) .

Trader Score: Cumulative Traders' (?) Number - (?) Number

Market Score: Transaction amount (in USDT) * (1+weekly up and down), recalculated every Sunday at zero.

Star Ranking: The project with the highest score in real-time will get 5 stars, and other projects get different star rankings according to their score proportion of the project.

Warnings: The project's overall strength showing on the Project Evaluation Center page only serves as a type of indicator of market performance, it does not represent any official opinions nor does it contain any investment suggestions.

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BitZ Team

Oct 25, 2018