Dear traders,

BitZ has launched NKC,trading for 1,000,000 NKC.

Activity time : 15:00 January 24, 2018 to 15:00 January 27, 2018 (UTC/GMT+08:00).

Bouns : 1,000,000 NKC

Rules :

1. Top 5000 BitZ community traders will be award 200 NKC for First Deal on NKC/BTC & NKC/ETH market.

2. One trader, One chance.

3. Bonus:1,000,000 NKC. First come, first served!

4. BitZ retain the final interpretation and right for bad deal of the event.

Hope you enjoy it!


Nework is an inspiring platform based on blockchain technology that connects human work skills. Nework is committed to unleashing the global individual productivity in all directions, accumulating personal value assets through credible working time vectors, being fair, impartial and not falsified.

The individual business economy is rapidly emerging. Solving trust problems through blockchain, and making individual business transactions much easier. Anyone can easily publish, participate in individual projects, while Nework provides a series of management tools. For example, you can build a virtual chain company by API secondary. Nework will be the open chain of human U-disk work and collaboration through which countless individual business applications will emerge. is the first to use blockchain technology Restructuring is the world's more than 2 trillion dollars in the individual business market. Fundamentally, solve the problem of industry trust, transaction, communication and collaboration.

  • 1. Trust the link's value feedback mechanism to minimize the cost of trust;
  • 2. Effectively prevent cheating, Nework cheats costly high riskless;
  • 3. Unchangeable contract templates, adequate protection of individual business;
  • 4. Mission-based virtual chain company mechanism;
  • 5. Innovative self-marketing and recruitment strategies;
  • 6 new promotion tool ecology.

Nework is based on the Proof Of Mission trust mechanism. New credits can be generated as a result of credit mechanism behavior. Block bonuses are also distributed to Nework Miner in NKC format every 24 hours. Automatically distributed to participants' personal wallets. 

Investing Yourself!Humans will set off a wave of age-wide integration into the age of individual values with Nework,.

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BitZ team

January 22, 2018

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