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BitZ will launch VCT(ValueCyberToken) on ETH market at March 26, 2018 PM 15:00.

Transfer launch:March 22, 2018 PM 15:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Trade launch:March 26, 2018 PM 15:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

VCT (ValueCyberToken)

ValueCyber is a blockchain system designed for the cooperation required by production and circulation in the digital economy era, a blockchain that tries to meet the technical and openness requirements for next-generation blockchain. Its final objective is to establish a blockchain platform that serves the current and future social and economic automation. ValueCyber expects to satisfy the demands on liquidity in the process of production. To this end, ValueCyber not only supports the circulation symbols of ordinary encrypted digital currencies, but also expands the circulation and collaboration under its support to the field of liabilities.

Characteristics & Capacities of ValueCyber


Considering the inconsistency between currencies and economic systems, ValueCyber introduces the concept of flexibility, which is able to adjust the liquidity, thus realizing the evolution from a pure digital currency system to a digital economic system.

Collective Cognition

The will of any cooperative community is allowed to directly accomplish the transactions related to ValueCyber: via a collective account that applies the cryptographic scheme of a discrete logarithm, elements in ValueCyber can be attributed to the integral of the cooperative community. A special witness transaction associated with this collective account must be voted by the majority of members in the community before being recognized by the ValueCyber network.

Liabilities Access

In modern production and economic activities, "liability" is a concept with nearly equal significance as asset, with the two constituting the fundamental of a modern financial system. Liabilities access correlates ValueCyber with real social activities, allowing the influence of an account behavior in ValueCyber to reach outside of the system. In this way, ValueCyber not only has the normal function of encrypted digital currency, but also can be used for the operation of more types of economic activities with the concept of liability as the core.

Capacity of Processing Uncertain Matters

Under the premise that an oracle machine (called the "privilege group" in ValueCyber) is introduced for administrating the liability-related transactions, the decentration of the entire system is maintained. Due to the existence of the privilege group, ValueCyber does not need to set up corresponding rules for debt management in advance.

Outside-chain & Cross-chain Cooperation

In a world where numerous blockchains co-exist, each blockchain independently serves one community for the accomplishment of certain cooperation, instead of functioning as a huge blockchain that could bear everything. Different blockchains can have their consistency under trusteeship, and interact with other blockchains in a certain manner, for the purpose of mutual cooperation among communities.

Sharing of Consistency and Cooperation

We have independently put forward a collective signing mechanism which is similar to the schorr signing scheme of bitcoins, to allow external communities and single users equally take use of the circulation supports provided by ValueCyber. The inherent consensus mechanism of ValueCyber has also taken into account the possibility of consistency trusteeship and covers an implementation to share consistency with bitcoin blockchain.


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March 21, 2018