About NMT (New Media Technology)

NMT Ecology is based on the concept of decentralization, integrating global media resources, and transforming the traditional media industry through blockchain technology to create a distributed media collaboration service platform.
NMT is the abbreviation of New Media Technology. NMT Ecology is jointly established by the DT technical team of New Media Investment Group of USA and the Market Watch technical team. The DT technical team and Market Watch Technical team has more than three years of blockchain development and operation experience. In the NMT ecosystem, the combination of blockchain technology and the media industry ensures accurate, open and transparent industry data which enables the targeting of clients, transparency enhancing of media products, personal and business
linkages enhancing and helping small and medium-sized enterprises to break the industrial development barriers. NMT Ecology will also create a blockchain-based value transfer network with
technological advantages, enabling NMT users to eliminate the conversion risk and
complete payment and settlement efficiently.


Currency supply:580,000,000 NMT

Market circulation:180,000,000 NMT (31.03%)

Official Website:http://www.nmtrun.com/

Block explorer:https://etherscan.io/token/0x94881a4b8637e5be13ef48f79608365968272e80

White paper address:http://www.nmtrun.com/Resource/file/nmt-cn.pdf

WeChat:  xulei218

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