About TKY (THEKEY Token)

THEKEY Project is now developing a second-generation IDV solution for the internet via BDMI technology. BDMI stands for“Blockchain based Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification” technology, to provide undeniable and unalterable IDV results.. BDMI, as the name of it, synergistically combines Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification (“DMI”) technology and blockchain technology.
THEKEY’s first-generation IDV solution is currently in use for mobile social insurance pay in two pilot cities, which people can receive their payment for their pension, or healthcare insurance reimbursement. The IDV solution is currently being deployed in another 41 cities, covering more than 130 million people. Personal identity data of 210 million people in 66 cities, authenticated by the relevant government authorities, are connected on a real-time basis. This constitutes a solid foundation of IDV.

The THEKEY Ecosystem will be a decentralized autonomy community, which will consist of three components of participants, (Validator, Service Provider and Individual User) Smart Contracts and TKY Tokens. THEKEY token (“TKY Token”) is the only method to settle smart contracts signed between the participants in THEKEY Ecosystem. Once the Validator, Service Provider (insurance company, banks, hospitals, drug store, etc) and the Individual User all sign-off on the transaction via the smart contract, the concerned parties will use TKY Tokens to settle the contract according to the agreed price and payment sharing plan. TKY Tokens would not only be obtained by purchasing in token sale events, but will also be able to be earned. Individual Users, Service Providers and Validators could perform valuable actions in THEKEY Ecosystem to earn TKY Tokens.

Basic Information

Official Website: www.thekey.vip

White Paper Address: https://www.thekey.vip/node/80

Block Explorer: https://neotracker.io/

Wallet Download Address: https://neo.org/client

Telegram Community: https://t.me/joinchat/FkZtERGQ1qUEU7iAzC6xVQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thekeyvip

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheKey-1439094662870680/

Medium: https://medium.com/@thekeyvip

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/TheKeyVIP/

Github: https://github.com/thekeygithub

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